Unfortunately I do not have a magic wand to instantly make you slimmer or fitter at one wave of my hand. It takes hard work and discipline.

This is why personal training's so good and beneficial. There is nowhere to hide. I will
know whether you have done the training schedule I set you or have followed your eating plan.

However the benefits for the hard work are great. Greater mobility, feel-good factor, look better and hopefully lots of compliments about your amazing transformation.

The medical benefits of exercise are well recorded. Less chance of heart disease, less likelihood of type 2 diabetes, longer more active life. It makes sense!

You can do it!

All the packages and pay as you programmes I offer are individually tailored to you and your lifestyle.

There is a comprehensive health assessment for FREE. An Initial taster session for FREE, come on give it a try it is a couple of hours out of your life.

Nothing to lose only weight!

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